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Pediatric Dentistry

Just as there are Pediatricians in Medicine, there are Pediatric Dentists in Dentistry. They are professionals who have a specific postgraduate training in dental treatment for children from birth to adolescence. Their aim is to promote dental health habits since childhood and children to enjoy a healthy mouth for their whole life.

During the first visit, the pediatric dentist makes a general oral check to assess the presence and the risk of tooth decay. As well as this he/she pays special attention to certain habits that can negatively affect the health of temporary and permanent teeth, such as diet or lack of proper dental hygiene.

The importance of baby teeth is essential in this age group since the loss of one can cause alterations in the eruption of permanent teeth as well as a deficiency in masticatory efficiency.

The 1st visit to the dentist is recommended before the age of 2, when all baby teeth are set in the mouth. That is the reason why they need the cooperation of the parents and the people from the child's environment.